Immue Growth

Description of Product:-

Balanced formulation to strengthen the cellular and blood immune system of birds where they stimulate vital functions and reduce tunnel.

These product contain both:-
 | B-Glucan                                            | L-Carnitine 
 | Top Bio                                               | L-Lycine
 | Vitamin A                                           | Vitamin D3
 | Vitamin E                                           | Tween 80
 | Vitamin C                                           | Biotin
 | Vitamin B1                                         | L-Arginine
 | Vitamin B2                                         | L-Theronine
 | Vitamin B3                                         | L-Valine 
 | Niacin                                                 | Propionic acid (90%)
 | Zinc sulphate                                     | Phosphoric acid (85%) 
 | Sodium selenite                                | Citric acid (80%)
 | DL-Methionine                                  | Molass 
 | Formic acid (90%)                            | propylene glycol
 | Lactic acid (85%)                              | Sorbitol

-Plays an important role in strengthening the Immune system where it contains (Beta-Glucan) which works on:
-Get rid of unknown objects in the body of the bird and present in the blood.
-Stimulate the immune cells (B&T cell) significantly.
-Reduce the deceased and increase the rate of food conversion in birds
-Raising the immune response of birds before different immunizations. 
-Growth promoter, source of vitamins and energy.  
-Helping to reduce eggs poultry, helps in dairy production, Increase meat in livestock .And work on the growth and efficiency of fish and their weight.
Dosage: -Poultry: Add 2 ml / liter of drinking water poultry
Package: - 10, 50, 100,250,500 ml, 1,5,50,100,250 L

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