Super Yeast

Description of Product:-
The latest product specialized in stimulating growth as it contains the yeast root extract which has a strong effect in the treatment of growth retardation because it contains a high percentage of protein, as these products contain salts necessary to make up for the deficiency and contain the necessary elements to improve and raise production efficiency.

These product contain both:-

 | Beta-Glucan                                              | Zinc oxide
 | Mannan oligo saccharide                         | Zinc Sulphate
 | Garlic                                                          | Copper Sulphate
 | Thymol                                                       | Magnesium Sulphate
 | Carvacrol                                                    | Calcium Chloride
 | Sodium Selenite                                        | Phosphoric Acid
 | Vitamin D3                                                | Aluminum silicate
 | DL-Methionine                                          | Bentonite
 | L.Lycin                                                        | Calcium Carbonate
 | Calcium Phosphate                                   | Sodium Butyrate

- General tonic and immuno suppressant.
 - To increase the digestion and absorption rates of all components of the diet due to the presence of digestive enzymes.
 - Stimulates birds to accept of drink and food during periods of heat stress.
 - Prevention of various viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases.
 - Effective in building bones and strengthen and improve the qualities of egg shell
 - To make up for deficiency of phosphorus and calcium.
 - Improve growth rates and increase production
 - Improves the level of immunity and the production of immune bodies to fight birds for all diseases.
 - Compensates the body with lost calcium to produce eggs and milk

Dosage: - Add at a rate of 1 kg / ton.
Packaging: - 100,250,500 grams, 1,2,3,5,10,20,25 kg

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