Description of Product:-
A unique natural combination contain a collection of natural extracts that in turn contribute to the expansion of the bronchi and dissolve and expel phlegm and increase the immune capacity of the bird to address the viral and bacterial infection.

 These product contain both:-
 | Growth tonic
 | Menthol
 | Thyme
 | Eucalyptus
 | Mixture of essential oils
 | Carvacrol
 | Cineol
 | Vitamin B1
 | Vitamin B6
 | Vitamin B12
 | Sorbitol
 | Citric acid (88%)
 | Polyethylene glycol
 | Propylene glycol
- Helps activate the immune capacity and works to stimulate the respiratory system
 - Works to expand the bronchi and dissolve and expel phlegm
 - Fungicide, parasite and microbial killer
 - Appetizer as it has a grainy taste in birds
 - Improve herd performance and increase vitality and activity
 - Reduces stress on birds during illness and immunizations
 - Increases feed consumption due to appetizing effect
 - Reduces mortality rates during respiratory diseases, especially infectious bronchitis.
                 Add 0.25 - 1 ml / liter of drinking water.
Package:- 10, 50, 100,250,500 ml, 1,5,50,100,250 L

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