Laxo Max

Description: Laxo max is Mild laxative, antiacid, Detoxicant and rumen stimulant for simple indigestion in cattle.

Composition: Each 100 grams contains
Magnesium Sulfate 20.19%                   100g
Magnesium chloride 12%                      4 g
Magnesium carbonate 25%                   10 g
Sodium Propionate 90%                        25 g
Zinc sulfate                                           500 mg
Manganese sulfate                                600 mg
Cobalt sulfate                                        20 mg
Ferrous sulfate                                      150 mg
Copper sulfate                                       50 mg
Cobalt sulfate                                        0.1 g
Calcium carbonate                                  up to 100 gm
- helps in accelerating faecal passage or decrease faecal consistency.
- used to treat heavy constipation.
-  Laxo max promotes evacuation of the bowel through stimulation of electrolyte transport or increase in propulsive motility. 
- Binds selectively and expels out through faeces.
- Suitable for bloating and constipation.
- Brings back intestinal motility to normal level.
Dosage:  Added at a rate of 100 g per animal/day
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moistu 

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