Digesto Max

Description :Digesto max  is used to reduce and normalize digestive dysfunctions of sheep, goats, camels, cattle, calves, pigs and poultry,also prevent the animal from the process of dehydration and loss of electrolytes and to minimise nutritional stress caused by change of environment.
Composition: Each one kilogram contains
Sodium sulfate                             200gm 
Magnesium oxide                       350 gm
Potassium citrate                       45gm
Sodium bicarbonate                   250gm
Calcium                                         7500 gm
cobalt                                             2500mg                          
Beta  glucan                                      50gm    
Mannan oligosaccharide               50   gm       
Calcium Diphosphate                      100gm
lactose                                                           150gm
glucose                                                          100gm
iron                                                   4500mg
calcium carbonate              up to 1 km
1-improve digestion and absorption..
2- treatment of disturbances and disorder of digestive tract
3- reduce and normalise digestive dysfunctions and prevent the animal from dehydration
4- used also as general appetizer and tonic
Dosage:  Added at a rate of 100 g per animal/day
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture

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