Max Cocci Vet

Description: Coccidiosis treatment with much better activity against parasites than sulphur treatments. Completely safe and very effective. Mixes easily in water. Treatment of coccidiosis in pigeons and ornamental birds.

Composition: Each one Liter contains
Diclazoril                          1 gm
Vitamin A                         10000000 IU
Vitamin D3                      2000000 IU
Vitamin E                          10000 mg
Vitamin k3                       1 gm
Vitamin B1                       1 gm
Vitamin B2                        5gm
Vitamin B6                       1500 mg
Vitamin B12                     0.01 gm
Biotin                                 0.05gm
Nicotinic acid                    30 gm
Pantothenic acid              10 gm
Folic acid                            1 gm
Monoproplene glycol      50gm
Water                                 up to 1 Liter
1-Eliminates all phases of parasite.
2-Play a vital role in treatment of anemia.
3-Reduces infection with viral and bacterial diseases.
4-A security product and has no side effects.
5-Does not interfere with any other drugs.
6-Used with all types and levels of injury 
Dosage:  Add 2 ml / litter Drinking water 
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture

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