Max Mineral

Description:  Max Mineral is a powerful composition for maintenance of homeostasis, proper growth, immunity, production and their deficiency precipitates as various disease syndromes.

Composition: Each one Liter contains

Vitamin D3                             3,000,000 IU
Calcium chloride                    12.5 gm
Phosphoric acid 85%             25.5 gm
Magnesium sulphate            1.75 gm
Manganese sulphate            10 gm
Ferrous sulphate                    10 gm
Copper sulphate                     1 gm
Zinc sulphate                           50 gm 
Cobalt sulphate                       0.1 gm
Selenium                                   0.1 gm
Sodium sulphate                     8 gm 
Sorbitol                                     50 gm
Purified water                        Up to 1 Liter
1- Optimum level of Calcium and Vitamin-D3 maintain health and enhance growth
2-Helps in cellular differentiation and proliferation, bone growth, testicular and ovarian function, Haemopoiesis and egg development.
3-Reduces early chick mortality, debility & emaciation.
4- Improves egg production, shell thickness, FCR index & livability
Dosage:  Add 1 ml for each one Liter drinking water
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture 

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