Coli Max

Description of Product:-

New product specialized in the prevention and treatment of cholestridia in poultry especially after coccidiosis. As well as other intestinal infections Caused by other salmonella and E. coli bacteria. And reduce diarrhea caused by intestinal infection.
These product contain both:-
 | - Thymol
 | - Carvacrol
 | - Copper sulfate
 | - Lactic acid (90%)
 | - Formic acid (91%)
 | - Sodium formate (90%)
 | - Acetic acid (90%)
 | - Propionic acid (92%)
 | - Phosphoric acid (85%)
 | - Calcium propionate (91%)
 | - Citric Acid (85%)
- Copper sulfate has a direct effect on anaerobic microbes within the intestines.
 - Copper sulfate helps increase the manufacture of erythrocytes.
 - Use of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) as an alternative to antibiotics for the prevention of intestinal microbes where they work on
  * The secretion of bioturic acid, which makes the medium in the intestines acid and not suitable for the growth of cholesteria
 * Feeding the intestines and supplying the energy of the intestine and increases the number, which increases the efficiency of digestion and absorption in the intestines
 - Strong antiseptic of the gut against harmful bacteria while maintaining the activity of beneficial bacteria
 - Increases the rate of food conversion and improves digestion and absorption
 - Eliminates harmful bacteria and activates and stimulates beneficial bacteria
 - Works on the prevention of skin diseases
 - Increases growth and production equations
 - Safe products with no tissue residue.
 Dosage: -
Add 0.25 - 1 ml / litre of drinking water.

Package: -100,250,500 ml, 1,2,3,5,10,20,25 L 

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