Description: maxo-nar is a long-range toxin that helps the bird get rid of mycotoxins, supports liver activity, protects its cells from oxidation and supports digestion and metabolism. 

Composition: Each one Liter contains
DL-Methionine                        10000 mg
Beta glucan                             24.3 gm
Fructo oligo saccharide          4.15 gm
Silly marine                            25000 mg
Propionic acid 90%                 100 gm
Phosphoric acid 85%              15 gm
Acitic acid 85%                        50 gm
Citric acid 85%                         20 gm
Lactic acid 90%                        20 gm
Sorbitol Liquid                         50 gm
Formic acid 90%                      15 gm
Water                                        up to 1 Liter
1- Anti-toxin and anti-immune.
2- Improved food conversion rates.
3-Enhanced liver activation and detoxification 
4. Improves egg and cage production 
5-supports digestion and metabolism
Dosage:  Add 2 ml for each one Liter drinking water
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture

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