Ultragrowth M

Description: Ultragrowth M is unique solution which is used as animal nutrition supplements which is packed with benefits of proteins, Amino acids for better growth and production. Be used for poultry, Livestock, Cattles and other animals
Composition: Each one Liter contains
Bacillus Subtilis                           1*1011 CFU
Bacillus Licheniformis                 1*1011CFU
L- Valine                                         5 gm
L-Arginine                                      6 gm
L-Tryptophan                                 5 gm 
DL-Methionine                             10 gm 
L-Lycine                                       10 gm 
L-Theronine                                 5 gm
Purified water                             Up to 1 Liter

1- Improves healthy growth of the body.
2- Improves faster weight gain of the body.
3- Helps in improving feed intake and feed conversion ratio
4- Helps in reducing mortality rate.
5- Removes vitamin deficiency and cures fatty liver syndrome.
6- Improved feed conversion ratio.
 Dosage:  Add 2 ml for each one Liter drinking water
Storage:Keep in a cool place away from moisture

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