Maxvint Liquid (Respiratory treatment)

Description: A unique natural combination contains a collection of natural extracts that in turn contribute to the expansion of the bronchi and dissolve and expel phlegm and increase the immune capacity of the bird to address the viral and bacterial infection

Composition: Each one Liter contains
Carvacrol                                      30000 mg
Thymol                                        20000 mg
Eucalyptus                                  15000 mg
Menthol                                       20000 mg 
Cinnamaldhyde                          30000 mg
Capsicum                                      9000 mg 
Selenium                                       100 mg
Sorbitol                                        10 gm
Purified water                            Up to 1 Liter
- Solvent and expectorant
 - Extended for the aerobic people
 - It helps to clear respiratory tract from mucus and reduces congestion
 - Reducing the severity of the respiratory symptoms associated with respiratory diseases in the bird such as (influenza-AB-Newcastle-CRD-mycoplasma-inflammation of the alveoli)
- Camphor: It has a role in reducing congestion and pain
 - Menthol: - It helps in improving the respiratory status of the bird and helps increase feed consumption
 - Thyme: - works to raise the bird's immunity, which makes it more resistant to respiratory diseases
 Dosage:  Add 2 ml for each one Liter drinking water
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture 

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