Maxmmune Liquid (Immune Booster)

Description: Maxmmune is an herbal composition enriched with betaine, choline and methionine. The product has a beneficial effect on the feed conversion and stimulates growth, weight gain and production. Maxmmune works as an antioxidant and has a purifying effect on the body.

Composition: Each one Liter contains
DL-Methionine                        20 gm
Betaine Hydrochloride           5 gm
L-Arginine                                  20 gm
Manganese Sulphate              6.5 gm
Selenium                                    0.1 gm 
Vitamin A                                  100000 IU
Vitamin E                                   5 gm 
Zinc Sulphate                            10 gm
Copper Sulphate                      1 gm
Tween 80                                   0.01 gm
Sorbitol Liquid                          0.1 gm 
Herbal Extracts                        47 gm
Water                                        up to 1 Liter

1- Build the resistance power against diseases and stress in cattle and poultry.
2- Improve the laying production of layers, and promote the growth of broilers, increase milk and meat production of livestock.
3-Enhances growth due to increased absorption and assimilation of nutrient from feed.
4- Improves the endogenous digestive enzyme secretion.
5- Raising the immune response of birds before different immunizations.
6-Methionine used as supplementation in poultry production now play very important roles in improving the efficiency of protein utilization in animal feeding.
7- Prevention of different stress, improve immunity.
Dosage:  Add 1 ml for each one Liter drinking water
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture

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