Heat Free Liquid

Description: Heat free is a premium product that contains essential vitamins and minerals that are used in cases of heat stress.
Composition: Each one Liter contains
Vitamin C                                           25000 mg
Hesperdin                                          8.89 gm
Neo Hesperdin                                 11.25 gm
Vitamin B1                                        1.26 gm
Vitamin B2                                        1.37 gm
Vitamin B6                                        0.75 gm
Vitamin B12                                      10 mg
Betaine Hydrochloride                   30 gm
Sodium chloride                               45 gm
Potassium citrate                             35 gm
Sodium citrate                                  22 gm
Sorbitol                                              200 gm
Distilled water                             up to 1 liter
 - It treats heat stress and protects the cell from dehydration
 - Vitamin C supports maintaining the bird's internal body temperature by helping to facilitate response to high ambient temperatures
 - Betaine Hydrochloride maintains hydration and supports a healthy bowel during dehydration
 - Mineral salts are necessary to stimulate the process of nutritional metabolism and help to maintain  health and good performance
 - Mineral salts are necessary in cases of diarrhea and gastroenteritis
 - It treats growth problems and improves reproduction
 Dosage:  Add 1ml for each one Liter drinking water
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture

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