Max Zole

Description: A product specialized in the prevention and treatment of cholesteridia infections in poultry, especially after infection with anticoccidia.
Composition: Each one Liter contains
Allicin                                             50000 mg
Thymol                                           12500 mg
Eucalyptus                                       3500 mg
Butyric Acid                                       250 gm 
Copper Sulphate                             1000 mg
Calcium Formate                               120gm 
Sodium Lactate                                  100 gm
Calcium propionate                          100 gm
Propionic acid                                    100 gm
Phosphoric acid                                 100 gm
Formic acid                                         100 gm
Lactic acid                                             50 gm
Citric Acid                                             50 gm
Purified water                            Up to 1 Liter

 - Eliminate cholesteridia , especially after coccidia.
 - It is used to eliminate Gram-positive anaerobic microorganisms
 - A catalyst for the growth of beneficial bacteria 
 - The first drug in eliminating centralized cholesteridia 
 - Deal directly with the beneficial bacteria, helping to multiply and spread quickly within the intestine and the digestive system to eliminate harmful bacteria.
 - Eliminate all types of bacteria that cause diarrhea
 - Copper sulfate has a direct effect on anaerobic microbes within the intestine
 - Copper sulfate helps increase the manufacture of red blood ce
 Dosage:  Add 3 ml for each one Liter drinking water
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture

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