Stimulate immunity in domestic wealth


"To eliminate viral and bacterial diseases" - Before talking about viruses, we will talk about the immunity of domestic animals, a mechanism used by the organism to keep his life from the invasion of microbial organisms and foreign bodies of the body. There are two main types of immunity: the first is the natural immunity (Innate immunity) (the ability of white blood cells to devour bacteria and pathogenic microbes, in addition to the role played by digestive enzymes secreted from the stomach in the destruction of microorganisms, and the skin acts as the first defensive barrier of body cells The second type of immunity is called Acquired immunity, a mechanism responsible for tissue and lymph nodes in the body, where it plays an important role as a reaction to microbial or toxic invasion of the body. Cellular immunity, which is responsible for T lymphocytes or sensory lymphocytes, where these cells have the ability to bind to and destroy foreign bodies, and the second type is called blood immunity immoral, a mechanism that works through the production of immune (antibody) and produced by (B) lymphocytes Diseases are immunosuppressive: There are diseases if infected by poultry, they will affect the formation of immunity against other diseases, no matter how vaccinated with different vaccines and the most important of these diseases: jamboro and affects the cells (B), Lycosis and affects the cells (B), Mark and affect the cells (T Macrophage, bird anemia affects B and T cells, rio and B cells, Newcastle and influenza: they affect macrophage cells and the immune suppression symptoms are increased sensitivity to various diseases, increased chances of secondary infection and atrophy of my gland. Fabricius and Thymus and other lymphoid tissue and leukopenia Lymphocytes, small numbers of lymphocytes, low immune activity, low number and capacity of phagocytic cells. For the treatment of these diseases must talk about anti-viral drugs and the common name immunostimulants and not immunosuppressant because there are no drugs to raise immunity while working to activate immunity and these drugs are divided into categories according to the idea of ​​each of them where 1 - there is a category does not destroy the cause of the disease itself but change course Virus in the body and delayed growth and make weak 2 - A wide category of these drugs called inhibitor proteinase work to disrupt this enzyme 3 - and another category that disables the process of virus replication by disrupting the process of building the RNA of the virus. These medications contain many vitamins, mineral salts and natural herbs that help activate immunity. We will talk about some natural herbs that go into the composition of these drugs. Echinacea1- Echinacea This herb is important for the immune system as well as for public health. It contains phytochemicals that can fight infections and tumors. It also contains a compound called echinacin that stops bacteria and viruses from entering healthy cells. . Garlic Garlic2- Highly effective in killing the most common infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, thrush and herpes. Ginger Ginger3- Ginger has the ability to strengthen the immune system, because it helps break down the accumulation of toxins in the body's organs, it also helps to cleanse the lymphatic system and help fight viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Cinnamon cinnamon It acts as an antibacterial agent for harmful bacteria in the intestines and thus increases the activity of beneficial bacteria, which causes the balance of the intestinal microflora. Cinnamon strengthens the immune system of birds, and therefore acts as an antiviral that inhibits the reproduction of viruses in the bird's body. , Very useful in the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections caused by respiratory microbes. 5- Capsicum chili Enriched with antioxidants and beta-carotene, which help to strengthen the body's immunity and build mucous membranes that protect the repelling of viruses and bacteria, and also helps chili to activate immunity. 6- Black seed It was found that the oily part of the pond contains compounds that have an effect against some microbes  Niglellone is called a strong antihistamine effect when used at low concentrations.  Thyme-7 It is an antibiotic and antioxidant estimated for its medicinal properties.It contains phenol and thymol, two powerful antiseptics that destroy viruses and bacteria. And fought for microbes because it contains carcavrol. Mushroom Mushroom-8 It contains high-value proteins and complex sugars similar to those found in bacteria and viruses.It makes the immune system deal with bacterial and viral infections.It produces antibodies frequently and activates the cells of the large marrow and the discriminatory glands as well as macrophage-eating cells.The immune system becomes strong against any aggression of bacteria and viruses. Licorice Liquorice -9 Licorice helps improve the health of the immune system because it works to raise the level of interferon, an antiviral component in addition to acid, which stimulates the work of immune cells and the fight against infectious viruses such as bacteria Clove Clove- 10 One of the strongest immune stimulants of the flying body        Peppermint peppermint-11 Increases the activity and reproduction of beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus, peppermint and its extract acts as an antiviral, antibacterial and strong immune tonic  Green Tea

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