About Us

2M Group is a leading company in the field of manufacturing veterinary medicines and feed additives founded and managed by a group of veterinarians who have high experience in the field of veterinary products through the provision of effective veterinary products beyond all customer preferences.

2M Group has the lead in providing veterinary biological and chemical products in a balanced manner to achieve the best results through a well- established and talented field force throughout the country.

2M Group are working hard to develop the veterinary field and put a unique footprint in the Egyptian and International veterinary market.


Our vision is to be the most reliable veterinary pharmaceutical and partner in the Egyptian and International vet field (poultry, large animal, Aqua. Pets animal).


2M Group is driving the veterinary and feed additives market by unique, up to date products to sustain horizontal and vertical growth through offering effective, potent natural veterinary products that exceed all customers’ preferences throughout well-established talented field all over the country.

We have an edge over the Egyptian market by promoting special formulas mixing between natural &chemical products with guaranteed potency of chemical & Safety of herbal.

We know the value of time as we determining the potentials, discovering the opportunities, giving supports, delivering messages and disseminate knowledge to ensure every day GRM in a formal, ethical approach.


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